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Are you stuck in a conflict?

Or facing a burn out?

Not sure which way to go?

Or ‘simply’ in need of some relaxation?

I am here for you!

With mediation, coaching, massage therapy, massage or a detox journey.

From a holistic point of view, because everything is connected:

your soul, your body, your mind 
and also how you interact with the world around you.

I create a safe space where you can connect with yourself and possibly the other.

So you’ll step back into your power and life starts flowing again.

Going from survival mode to feeling alive, from suffering into leadership and from loneliness to togetherness.

I am here to guide you through this.

So that you’ll shine again, this time from within.

Feel free to connect with me or book your session directly here.

With Love,

Hanna Bloemhof

Logo Hanna Lou

Ps. When in need of in company coaching or chair massage sessions click here.

mediation & holistic coaching

When you’re in conflict with what is

Does it keep you awake?

Does it make you tired when you think of it?

Do you feel disempowered ?

Has it been running high so your body is in pain?

I hear you…

If it doesn’t flow, it just costs you loads.
It chafes, it rubs, it makes you insecure, angry and unreasonable.
You feel it in your body and it keeps you awake at night.

A terrible feeling.

And that’s not at all what you’ve been waiting for.

You would like to move on.
Past the conflict or the complaints of burn out. Past the unknown, the uncertainty of what the next step should be in your career or relationship. You want to get rid of the thing that feels like a cage.

I hear you!

And am very happy to work with you on a solution.

When in conflict we can make this possible with mediation. We’ll arrange three sessions with you and possibly with the person(s) with whom the conflict arose.

Or with holistic coaching. There you’ll start a deep meaningful conversation with yourself.

You want a session right away? Book your time here.


Mediation - conflict transformation

Having a major clash or a long lasting conflict with an (ex) partner, your sister, your father or an employer takes a lot of energy and time.
It really gets you, it can make you small and powerless.
It can feel it’s out of your hands; you’re not the one who’s in charge (anymore).

There is a solution!

And I can help you with that. A solution that will give a big relief, even if the other doesn’t want to cooperate.

I work according a mediation method that’s called the Transformative Conflict solution.

Because every conflict holds a key, a moment for growth.

Once you get it, not only does the conflict change, but also the way you look at yourself.
A pattern that has been stuck for a long time can be freed.

I’m going to help you to find that key and take back control. In a loving way. I also teach you how you this methodology can be profitable for yourself and the other(s).

So that you both feel free and empowered.

All this method requires, is a 100% commitment to investigate. What’s conflict about and your own role in it. If you do this, you will see: doors will open that you never would have thought of.

It is a deep dive journey of 5 sessions of approximately 2 hours. Investment: 995 euros (for 2 persons)
Sessions can be on location (Amsterdam) or online.

Do you want to know more? Contact me for a 15 minute connection call.

Holistic coaching

Sometimes you feel blocked. Missing flow in your life.
Or even worse… you are facing a burn out or are already a few months in it.

Or maybe you just don’t know what step to take to feel free again?
To be liberated from feeling fatigue and lost in a hopelessness situation?

I get you.

Please know this: Every moment of getting stuck is an opportunity. 

To reconnect with yourself and know what is right for you. Rerouting.

Whether it’s at work, in relationship or with your physical body.

And I know, sometimes it hard to do it alone….

That’s why I’m here for you!

With holistic coaching sessions so that you regain control of your life.

Why holistic?

Because your body tells you just as much a story as your head and heart do.

If those three are aligned, your inner light will brighten. 

You’ll recover, and get back on track.
And this time with a lot of joy and playfulness. 
On a path that really suits you!

So come and find out 
with me. 

I prefer to work with you in a trajectory of 5 sessions of 60 or 90 minutes.
On location (Amsterdam) or online.

On location I blend in bodywork, so that you can also feel your story and learn to relax in it. I call this coaching & massage.

Online I also work body-oriented so that you also come into deeper contact with your body and learn to relax better.

Investment 5 x 60 minutes: 465,-
Single session: 100 euros

Investment 5 x 90 minutes: 565,-
Single session: 140 euros

Do you want to know more? Connect with me for a 15 minute connection call.

Massage therapy

If you listen closely to your body,

 It will tell you all the stories of the heart

My sessions are holistic. Connecting body, mind and spirit.

Using breathing techniques. Yoga stretches. Adjusting massage techniques to your needs. To stimulate your body to relieve blockages. Relieving things that don’t serve any longer. So you feel reconnected with your inner peace and strength. Back in your beautiful centre.

In Massage therapy sessions we go deeper.
Stories of the past always hide in your body.
Frozen shoulders always tell you a story.
Pain – how intense and overwhelming it can feel – requires us to pay attention.

The body automatically comes into a fight or flight, survival mode when it has stories buried inside. Or when there has been for a long time pain.

Massage trainings in Thailand and Bali gave me a huge knowledge of this Art of Healing. Working on the energy lines with acupressure and stretches. Removing blocks, so your body can flow again. There’s a deep wisdom in these massages, it’s more than only on a physical level. It stimulates your body, your soul and your mind. Creating space for the energy to flow.

Back in The Netherlands I did many more courses. Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue and Touch Pro Chair Massage. My aim with all my massages is to create space. So you can reconnect with yourself. To feel relaxed and reborn.

Massage therapy

Stories of the past always hide in your body.
Frozen shoulders always tell you a story.  
Pain – how intense and overwhelming it can feel – requires us to pay attention.

The body automatically comes into a fight or flight, survival mode when it has stories buried inside. Or when there has been for a long time pain. 

Holistic massage

Tekst tekst tekst

Pregnancy massage

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Corporate chair massage & coaching

If you’re looking for high quality massage at your company, please check out my website for corporate chair massage & coaching

I’d be delighted to offer sessions to your employees, guests of an event or your colleagues. 

    About Me

    “Finding your keys to happiness is essential to life”

    Hi, I’m Hanna Bloemhof.
    Amsterdam based. World citizen. Traveller.

    Love Life and personal development.
    Knowing that constant growth is the key to happiness.

    Passionate about helping you to reconnect with your inner strength.

    To empower you. So you can take accurate steps from there.

    Because I have a strong belief that we have all the wisdom in us.

    We simply have to explore and unlock it.


    My journey.
    My own life story took me to where I am now. Physical issues made me struggle throughout my twenties. I tried to ignore them for a long time but at the end I felt physically, mentally and emotionally burned out.

    Holistic therapy woke me up. I got to see how body and mind are connected. That my body told me a story I had to listen to. And this was where I started to heal myself, with the tools my therapist handed me.

    My exploration.
    In South East Asia (2008), I discovered Thai Massage and its art of healing. I signed up for a course and loved the holistic, sacred approach right away. It was the starting point of many more courses in professional institutes and with local gurus. I gained knowledge and deepened my understanding of Thai Yoga Massage, Foot Reflexology, Balinese massage, Kundalini Reiki in Thailand, Malaysia and on the beautiful island of Bali.

    Back in the Netherlands, I continued my education with courses and workshops in Relaxation massage, Deep Tissue and Touch Pro Chair Massage.

    My discovery.
    Unravelling the mind, the emotions and how they connect with the body and spirit, was the next step. Professional coaching courses at Civas Institute and with the Australian coach/trainer Carl Massy and English Danielle Marchant, taught me how to work with deep techniques. Neuro Linguistic Programming with a holistic approach. To listen deeply to a person’s need. And to hold a space to discover. It focuses on your blockages on the path and how to turn these struggles into potential. So you can take the steps you want to take on your own beautiful, unique journey.

    I found out that the combination of coaching and massage is even more powerful. To stay true to your journey from your whole being: mind, body, soul connected.

    My passion.
    In daily life, meditation, yoga and mindful living inspire me to stay true to myself and my path. ‘Cause I passionately believe that happiness doesn’t mean that all is picture perfect.

    I believe that happiness means we know how to deal with the imperfections of life. To create opportunities from struggles. And that’s what we ought to do. Again and again.

    A beautiful, never-ending story.

    I’d love to hear your story.

    Love, Hanna

    Logo Hanna Lou

    Working with Hanna has been an amazing opportunity to stand back and reflect on old patterns of thinking and acting that have stopped working for me. I am able to process my feelings and come up with solutions while being guided in a gentle and supportive way.

    This process of self healing and gaining perspective has been incredibly helpful. I didn't realize how much I could take away from coaching until I started this journey.

    I strongly recommend Hanna's coaching to anybody looking to connect with themselves in a deeper way.

    Natasha Life Coaching

    The 90 minutes session we had together reinforced heart-oriented messages and tools that are being set before me. I came away with greater inner peace and the reminder to live from my heart and to embrace joy, wonder, and play.
    Walking home after the rain, I felt more receptive, engaged, and compassionate -- towards myself and towards others.

    Hanna is a gifted coach and healer, and I am grateful to have benefited from your intuition and heart. It’s like I have a new pair of boots to take me further along my path.

    JonCoaching & Massage

    Hands down one of the best massages I have ever had: my Balinese massage with Hanna was a talking point for days after. I felt relaxed and at ease from the moment I stepped into the room, and the combination of breath work, yoga stretches and deep pressure ensured a real sense of balance and well-being. Hanna is a real delight and I’ll certainly be making these a regular event! Highly recommended. Book yourself an appointment immediately, if not sooner.

    DebraBalinese Massage

    I experienced coaching from Hanna as very pleasant. She’s professional and calm. She listens attentively and gives valuable tips.

    We did a 30-day program and set a goal to get back to my own energy. To make choices that benefit my body, mind and soul. We worked it out in 5 sessions. These sessions have been really effective. It made me able to change and is still very beneficial in my daily life.

    I recommend anyone to work in a program with Hanna. No matter what you want to achieve.

    MarliesLife Coaching

    Hands of healing – I was fortunate to experience the healing hands of Hanna last week in the Zen ambiance of her massage studio.
    After I felt open, relaxed and flow in my body.

    A natural healer, her massage gave my body what it needed and where it needed it.
    Being a therapist myself i’ve experienced many great and less than great treatments. Hanna’s massage top class, its a MUST!!
    Thank you Hanna.

    JamesBalinese Massage

    When I first came to Hanna for a Balinese pregnancy massage it was a very busy and challenging time in my life. I was exhausted to be honest. The massage therefore was such a relaxing, soothing and calming experience. It really helped me to get my energy back and as far as I can say my baby loved it, too!

    ChristineBalinese Pregnancy Massage

    Just got back from an intense Thai Yoga Massage with masseuse Hanna. It was my first professional massage ever. I felt really at ease by her personal and comfortable approach. It was really special en I feel re-energised!

    FrerikThai Yoga Massage

    Get in touch with me

    On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I offer online holistic coaching and
    on location coaching&massage, massage therapy and regular massage sessions at Nieuwe Kerkstraat 126.
    Occasionally also evenings and weekend days.

    Call, message or email me for an appointment.
    +31 6 24 25 71 56 | 

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