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Do you have the feeling that you are stuck?

Unable to move forward?

Running around in circles?

And that it’s time for you to step out of this?

Sometimes you don’t see the opportunities.
On where you are and where you want to go.

That’s where I step in, to find out what’s bugging you. So we can co-create better choices. Choices that feed and nourish you. Choices that help you move forward. Contributing your mind, body, soul and spirit.

Hannalou Life Coaching and Massage sessions are about
Re Connecting. With your inner strength and from there with the world around you.

By Holistic life Coaching. By Massage.
Or a combination of these two.

To make you shine, inside out.

With Love,

Hanna Bloemhof

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Holistic Life Coaching

For Expats and Life Wanderers

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place


“I feel stuck. Disconnected from where I am. Where I want to go.
Feeling blocked to take the next step.”

Do you recognize that feeling?

“I want to have a deeper look. At where I’m at. And where I want to go. I need clarity.”

Do you feel same?

That’s where I can step into your journey.

Your life journey has been coloured by your past experiences. Conflicting with  expectations for the future. And this can be really confusing for you at te present moment.
I am fully here for you to hold a gentle mirror for clarity. So you can turn your struggles into opportunities. Into clear steps towards the destination you want to go.

And guess what?
I have been there. Fighting against myself, focusing on the things that didn’t make me happy. Staying in a job that didn’t fulfil me. Making up excuses to be in a relationship that didn’t fit me. Feeling no flow. No progression. And there, at the right moment, there were the right teachers. The right mirrors. Providing me insights that I can adjust at any moment of my life. It taught me so much that i decided: this is where I can help others.

So here are I am, looking forward taking steps with you. To find out where you want to take your life.

In Personal Life Coaching, for expats and life wanderers.

Are you ready for it?
I believe in the strength of people, and the strength of you.
So let’s get going!


Expat Life Coaching

Living abroad can be quite challenging. You’re not only getting to know a new city and a different culture but also a new you.
Sipping your favorite coffee in a just discovered cute café can feel damn lonely when your familiar friends and family are on the other side of the world. This might be conflicting with the dream life you had in mind..

Here I can jump in! Cause I’ve been there. Being an expat myself and living in Bali and Malaysia. It was quite hard to find my way, but there was also so much joy! Once I found my way, knowing that this made me stronger I could really connect with the local world ánd myself.

Back in Amsterdam I connected with a lot of expats. Hearing their stories, I knew there was something missing, some connectedness.
And working with expats like you I’ve been taught that it is all about connecting back to yourself and building a bridge between you and the new world.

So I created a special package for you:

5 times 90 minutes Expat Life Coaching (zoom call or live) : 675 euro

Do you prefer a single session?
A one time (90 minutes) Expat Life Coaching (zoom call or live) : 140 euro

And you know what, just to be sure we have that connection, let’s connect for a 30 minutes online call.  So I get to know your story. And you hear more about how I can help you along your journey.
Just email me to connect.

Coaching for Life Wanderers

I personally love the word life wanderer. It means that you want to explore. That you don’t take things for granted. That you know life has to offer you more than this.

Come and have a few sessions with me to dive into the blockages on your road. What is holding you back? How can you create a map that works for you? So your life is fulfilling and in flow.

The sessions are adjusted to your needs. Only talks, or sessions combined with bodywork as massage, reiki healing and meditation (also via Zoom). So you can listen to what your heart and body tells you.

This is what I offer:
5 times (90 minutes) Holistic Coaching & Body Consciousness : 665 euro 

Do you prefer a single session?
A one time (90 minutes) Holistic Coaching & body consciousness : 140 euro

And you know what, just to be sure we have that connection, let’s connect for a 30 minutes online call.  So I get to know your story. And you hear more about how I can help you along your journey.
Just email me to connect.


“If you listen to your body closely, it’ll tell you all the stories of the heart “

Do you feel disconnected to your body?
Does it feel stiff and cramped?

You feel like you have been walking around for too long with that headache. You feel that your shoulders don’t move anymore.

Or do you feel unbalanced?

I am here for you!

My sessions are holistic. Connecting body, mind and spirit.

Using breathing techniques. Yoga stretches. Adjusting massage techniques to your needs. To stimulate your body to relieve blockages. Relieving things that don’t serve any longer. So you feel reconnected with your inner peace and strength. Back in your beautiful centre.

Massage trainings in Thailand and Bali gave me a huge knowledge of this Art of Healing. Working on the energy lines with acupressure and stretches. Removing blocks, so your body can flow again. There’s a deep wisdom in these massages, it’s more than only on a physical level. It stimulates your body, your soul and your mind. Creating space for the energy to flow.

Back in The Netherlands I did many more courses. Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue and Touch Pro Chair Massage. My aim with all my massages is to create space. So you can reconnect with yourself. To feel relaxed and reborn.

Book your massage here

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday daytime you can book your session at my new spot at Keizersgracht. Occasionally also in the evening or weekend!
Please send an email at
or message me at +31 6 24 25 71 56 for a session. 

Balinese Massage Kundalini Reiki Session
Deep Tissue Massage Pregnancy Massage
Relaxation Massage

45 minutes € 70
60 minutes € 85
90 minutes € 115
120 minutes € 140

Prices include VAT

KPMG, Expat Housing Network, Vibe Group, Louis Vuitton, Ibiza Xperience.
These clients already know: chair massages are perfect to relax at the office or events.

Acupressure and stretches activate the body. Focus is on back, neck, shoulders and arms. No need to undress just sit down and open up to receive a 20 minutes massage.

Massages on location. Price per hour with a minimum booking of two hours. Per hour 3 x 20 minutes or also possible 4 x 15 minutes relaxation.

One hour € 75

Price excluding VAT


“Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being”

– Kevin Kruse

Birthday Package

You want to boost someone’s birthday? Want to give a very special present? This is a mindful gift to give to a friend or loved one who could use some clarity.

“ There is something magical about this time around your birthday. It’s a special time to look at how things are going for you and create a future for your life.
What are your dreams, your aspirations? What would you like to do this year?
What would make this year so very awesome?

Your Life is a journey. You hold the map. You choose the destination.

How would you like to take some time out to really work on that vision? Set your priorities? And to start planning to make those dreams and aspirations a reality? And to do all that, with a life coach by your side to help guide you.”

The Birthday Package contains:
A workbook to look back on the past year. To explore being fully present and to create a clear vision and goal for the year ahead.
A 60 minute coaching session on Skype.

Price: € 69,-

Free Gift

Click here to get your FREE copy of the Your Life Journey e-book!

This e-book is full of insights plus exercises to get a clear vision. Where are you now and where do you want to go?

“ We made this e-book especially for you, as a little travel guide on your life journey. Your Life Journey is all about checking in with yourself, and exploring what it is that you truly want in your life. It’s about creating a vision and a plan for where you want to take it.”

Grab a cup of tea and take out a little time to get some clarity.

Price: for free!
Created together with my soul sister and coach Naomi Saelens

About Me

“Finding your keys to happiness is essential to life”

Hi, I’m Hanna Bloemhof.
Amsterdam based. World citizen. Traveller.

Love Life and personal development.
Knowing that constant growth is the key to happiness.

Passionate about helping you to reconnect with your inner strength.

To empower you. So you can take accurate steps from there.

Because I have a strong belief that we have all the wisdom in us.

We simply have to explore and unlock it.


My journey.
My own life story took me to where I am now. Physical issues made me struggle throughout my twenties. I tried to ignore them for a long time but at the end I felt physically, mentally and emotionally burned out.

Holistic therapy woke me up. I got to see how body and mind are connected. That my body told me a story I had to listen to. And this was where I started to heal myself, with the tools my therapist handed me.

My exploration.
In South East Asia (2008), I discovered Thai Massage and its art of healing. I signed up for a course and loved the holistic, sacred approach right away. It was the starting point of many more courses in professional institutes and with local gurus. I gained knowledge and deepened my understanding of Thai Yoga Massage, Foot Reflexology, Balinese massage, Kundalini Reiki in Thailand, Malaysia and on the beautiful island of Bali.

Back in the Netherlands, I continued my education with courses and workshops in Relaxation massage, Deep Tissue and Touch Pro Chair Massage.

My discovery.
Unravelling the mind, the emotions and how they connect with the body and spirit, was the next step. Professional coaching courses at Civas Institute and with the Australian coach/trainer Carl Massy and English Danielle Marchant, taught me how to work with deep techniques. Neuro Linguistic Programming with a holistic approach. To listen deeply to a person’s need. And to hold a space to discover. It focuses on your blockages on the path and how to turn these struggles into potential. So you can take the steps you want to take on your own beautiful, unique journey.

I found out that the combination of coaching and massage is even more powerful. To stay true to your journey from your whole being: mind, body, soul connected.

My passion.
In daily life, meditation, yoga and mindful living inspire me to stay true to myself and my path. ‘Cause I passionately believe that happiness doesn’t mean that all is picture perfect.

I believe that happiness means we know how to deal with the imperfections of life. To create opportunities from struggles. And that’s what we ought to do. Again and again.

A beautiful, never-ending story.

I’d love to hear your story.

Love, Hanna

Logo Hanna Lou

Working with Hanna has been an amazing opportunity to stand back and reflect on old patterns of thinking and acting that have stopped working for me. I am able to process my feelings and come up with solutions while being guided in a gentle and supportive way.

This process of self healing and gaining perspective has been incredibly helpful. I didn't realize how much I could take away from coaching until I started this journey.

I strongly recommend Hanna's coaching to anybody looking to connect with themselves in a deeper way.

Natasha Life Coaching

The 90 minutes session we had together reinforced heart-oriented messages and tools that are being set before me. I came away with greater inner peace and the reminder to live from my heart and to embrace joy, wonder, and play.
Walking home after the rain, I felt more receptive, engaged, and compassionate -- towards myself and towards others.

Hanna is a gifted coach and healer, and I am grateful to have benefited from your intuition and heart. It’s like I have a new pair of boots to take me further along my path.

JonCoaching & Massage

Hands down one of the best massages I have ever had: my Balinese massage with Hanna was a talking point for days after. I felt relaxed and at ease from the moment I stepped into the room, and the combination of breath work, yoga stretches and deep pressure ensured a real sense of balance and well-being. Hanna is a real delight and I’ll certainly be making these a regular event! Highly recommended. Book yourself an appointment immediately, if not sooner.

DebraBalinese Massage

I experienced coaching from Hanna as very pleasant. She’s professional and calm. She listens attentively and gives valuable tips.

We did a 30-day program and set a goal to get back to my own energy. To make choices that benefit my body, mind and soul. We worked it out in 5 sessions. These sessions have been really effective. It made me able to change and is still very beneficial in my daily life.

I recommend anyone to work in a program with Hanna. No matter what you want to achieve.

MarliesLife Coaching

Hands of healing – I was fortunate to experience the healing hands of Hanna last week in the Zen ambiance of her massage studio.
After I felt open, relaxed and flow in my body.

A natural healer, her massage gave my body what it needed and where it needed it.
Being a therapist myself i’ve experienced many great and less than great treatments. Hanna’s massage top class, its a MUST!!
Thank you Hanna.

JamesBalinese Massage

When I first came to Hanna for a Balinese pregnancy massage it was a very busy and challenging time in my life. I was exhausted to be honest. The massage therefore was such a relaxing, soothing and calming experience. It really helped me to get my energy back and as far as I can say my baby loved it, too!

ChristineBalinese Pregnancy Massage

Just got back from an intense Thai Yoga Massage with masseuse Hanna. It was my first professional massage ever. I felt really at ease by her personal and comfortable approach. It was really special en I feel re-energised!

FrerikThai Yoga Massage

Get in Touch with Me

On Tuesday & Thursday afternoon and Friday mornings I offer
Coaching&Massage and Massage sessions at Healing People in Amsterdam.
Book here directly your spot in the studio.

On Tuesday morning, Thursday morning & Friday afternoon I offer Coaching &Massage and Massage sessions at Keizersgracht. Occasionally also in the evening or weekends!
Call, message or email me for an appointment.
+31 6 24 25 71 56 | 

On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I am also available for online holistic sessions
(worldwide). Please send me a message.

Would you like a coaching session? Or do you have a question for me?
Please leave your name, email and I will get back to you within 3 days. 

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