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Are you stuck in a conflict?

Or facing a burn out?

Not sure which way to go?

Or ‘simply’ in need of some relaxation?

I am here for you!

With mediation, coaching, massage therapy or a massage.

From a holistic point of view, because everything is connected:

your soul, your body, your mind
stories from the past, as well as relationships you have now
how you feel as well as
 how you interact with the world around you.

I create a safe space where you can connect with yourself and possibly the other.

So you’ll step back into your power and life starts flowing again.

Going from survival mode to feeling alive, from suffering into leadership and from loneliness to togetherness.

I am here to guide you through this.

So that you’ll shine again, this time from within.

Book your session here or feel free to connect with me if you have any question.

With Love,

Hanna Bloemhof


mediation & coaching

when you’re in conflict with what is

Does it keep you awake?

Does it make you tired when you think of it?

Do you feel disempowered ?

Has it been running high so your body is in pain?

Book here your session.

I hear you…

If it doesn’t flow, it just costs you loads.
It chafes, it rubs, it makes you insecure, angry and unreasonable.
You feel it in your body and it keeps you awake at night.

A terrible feeling.

And that’s not at all what you’ve been waiting for.

You would like to move on.
Past the conflict or the complaints of burn out. Past the unknown, the uncertainty of what the next step should be in your career or relationship. You want to get rid of the thing that feels like a cage.

I hear you!

And am very happy to work with you on a solution.

When in conflict we can make this possible with mediation. We’ll arrange three sessions with you and possibly with the person(s) with whom the conflict arose.

Or with holistic coaching. There you’ll start a deep meaningful conversation with yourself.

Mediation - conflict transformation

Book here your session. 

Having a major clash or a long lasting conflict with an (ex) partner, your sister, your father or an employer takes a lot of energy and time.
It really gets you, it can make you small and powerless.
It can feel it’s out of your hands; you’re not the one who’s in charge (anymore).

There is a solution!

And I can help you with that. A solution that will give a big relief, even if the other doesn’t want to cooperate.

I work according a mediation method that’s called the Transformative Conflict solution.

Because every conflict holds a key, a moment for growth.

Once you get it, not only does the conflict change, but also the way you look at yourself.
A pattern that has been stuck for a long time can be freed.

I’m going to help you to find that key and take back control. In a loving way. I also teach you how you this methodology can be profitable for yourself and the other(s).

So that you both feel free and empowered.

All this method requires, is a 100% commitment to investigate. What’s conflict about and your own role in it. If you do this, you will see: doors will open that you never would have thought of.

It is a deep dive journey of 3 sessions of approximately 2,5 hours. Investment: 1150 euros (for 2 persons).

And you know what, you don’t even need the other person to solve the conflict. If you want to do 1-on-1 with me that is also possible. We’ll get to the core and a solution that is for 100% satisfying to you in 1 session of approximately 2-3 hours. Investment: 375 euro.

Sessions can be on location (Amsterdam) or online.
Book your spot here.

If you like to know more please contact me for a 15 minute connection call.

Holistic coaching

Book directly here. 

Sometimes you feel blocked. Missing flow in your life.
Or even worse… you are facing a burn out or are already a few months in it.

Or maybe you just don’t know what step to take to feel free again?
To be liberated from feeling fatigue and lost in a hopelessness situation?

I get you.

Please know this: Every moment of getting stuck is an opportunity. 

To reconnect with yourself and know what is right for you. Rerouting.

Whether it’s at work, in relationship or with your physical body.

And I know, sometimes it hard to do it alone….

That’s why I’m here for you!

With holistic coaching sessions so that you regain control of your life.

Why holistic?

Because your body tells you just as much a story as your head and heart do.

If those three are aligned, your inner light will brighten. 

You’ll recover, and get back on track.
And this time with a lot of joy and playfulness. 
On a path that really suits you!

So come and find out 
with me. 

I prefer to work with you in a trajectory of 5 sessions of 60, 75 or 90 minutes.
On location (Amsterdam) or online.

On location I blend in bodywork, so that you can also feel your story and learn to relax in it. I call this coaching & massage.

Online I also work body-oriented so that you also come into deeper contact with your body and learn to relax better.

Secure your spot here.

60 minutes
Card 5 x 60 minutes: 515,-
Single session: 110 euro

75 minutes
Card 5 x 75 minutes: 602,-
Single session: 127,50 euro

90 minutes
Card 5 x 90 minutes: 690,-
Single session: 145 euro

Do you want to know more? Connect with me for a 15 minute connection call.


If you listen closely to your body,

 It will tell you all the stories of the heart

Book your spot here. 

My sessions are holistic. Connecting body, mind and spirit.

Using breathing techniques. Yoga stretches. Adjusting massage techniques to your needs. To stimulate your body to relieve blockages. Relieving things that don’t serve any longer. So you feel reconnected with your inner peace and strength. Back in your beautiful centre.
By booking a moment for yourself, your body can relax and it will flow again so that you feel reborn and recharged after a session.

In Massage therapy sessions we go deeper. Stories of the past always hide in your body. Pain – how intense and overwhelming it can feel – requires us to pay attention. So in these sessions we create a space to deeply listen.

Massage therapy

Sometimes your body says: stop here. Or you’ve had the feeling for ages that you can’t relax deeply. Or does your shoulder just keeps hurting.

Massage therapy provides insights. Together we will investigate in the therapeutic session: your body as a guide. That what has been bugging you is old pain that wants to be listened to.
Our natural response is often to ignore it, fight it or push it away. It’s in the way and we want to get it out. But then it pushes back even harder and the symptoms get worse.

Once you start allowing it to be (read: acceptance) that’s where it can relax and release. It can soften and transform into something comfortable.
In this way you are getting out of the way of healing. Your body knows really well how to do so, we just simply have to change our thoughts and behaviour on it and be that supportive partner your body has been longing for.

Book your session here. 

Card 5 x 60 minutes: 515,-
Single session: 110 euro.

Card 5 x 75 minutes: 602,-
Single session: 127,50

Card 5 x 90 minutes: 690,-
Single session: 145 euro

Holistic massage

In need of some self care? A relaxed body and an empty head?

Then book a holistic massage where I combine styles from East and West. Acupressure, stretches, relaxation and deep tissue techniques. Tailored to your needs at that moment, because you know your own body best.
So you walk out the door with a relaxed body and a clear head. So worthy!

Book your spot here!

Card 5 x 60 minutes: 415,-
Single session:  90 euro

Card 5 x 75 minutes: 490,-
Single session: 105 euro

Card 5 x 90 minutes: 565,-
Single session: 120 euro

Pregnancy massage

The biggest gift you can give yourself at this stage of your life is some extra self care, dear momma (to be). Your body is working hard for two.
It’s so nice to give your body this moment of relaxation. It’s also a perfect moment do deepen the connection with the little one in your belly. For every momma from 10 weeks till 40+ weeks pregnant. 

Book your spot here!

Card 5 x 60 minutes: 415,-
Single session: 90 euro.

Reiki session

Kundalini reiki is a very gentle and at the same time very deep session where your body is invited to empower its own healing system. It’s a variation on the traditional reiki healing system and special supporting spiritual development.

It opens up the energy and spiritual channels at a pace that suits you. Kundalini reiki also rebalances your chakra system.

In a reiki session, oil massage and kundalini reiki will be combined. You feel relaxed and re aligned after a session.

Book your spot here!

Card 5 x 60 minutes: 415,-
Single session: 90 euro

Card 5 x 75 minutes: 490,-
Single session: 105 euro

Card 5 x 90 minutes: 565,-
Single session 90 minutes:  120 euro

Corporate chair massage & coaching

If you’re looking for high quality sessions at your company, I am there for you.

With short sessions of chair massage or the unique combination of coaching & massage. The perfect way for a relaxed body, clear head and good work-life balance.

I’d be delighted to offer sessions to your employees, guests at an event or your colleagues. Please contact me here


about me

Hi, my name is Hanna Bloemhof.

A curious person inspired by life itself. To keep discovering new things when things are going well. And to seize the invitation to growth in the difficult moments.

Integrity and holism – knowing all is connected – are two key words for me.

I am a connector, very passionate about helping people like you. So you can restore the connection with yourself, others and the world around you.
From a win/win perspective.

I am also an experience expert and wellbeing expert because of the path I have taken so far.

Thanks to the many education and training courses, I can now be a space holder through sessions and workshops for anyone who no longer wants to be held in the grip of pain, sadness and frustration.

Together we can solve this.

2022 Mediation & Life Coaching – Welcom institute Chiquita Welmerink
2022 – 2012 diverse trainings deep tissue, relaxation massage, nervus vagus, psoas, holistic massage therapy
2015 Chair massage (based on TouchPro)
2014 Life Coach training (NLP, holistic body-mind) – Carl Massy
2013 Coaching and counseling – Civas Instituut Netherlands
2011 Balinese pregnancy massage – Bali Mandala, Ubud, Bali
2010 Balinese massage – Bali Mandala, Ubud, Bali
2010 Thai Massage – Sunshine Thai Massage School Chiang Mai, Thailand
2009 Thai Massage – ITM Chiang Mai, Thailand

I learned to find the gold in every situation, but I didn’t just get there overnight.

My path is colored by challenges. A big turningpoint was the near death experience at age 15. This trauma caused many physical chronic complaints afterwards, and eventually also mental complaints.
In my path to adulthood, I became increasingly distant from myself despite a flourishing career and social life. And so, as a 25 year old, I ended up in a serious burn out. A period in my life with a lot of anxiety, depression and physically completely drained.

From then on I took a different path because doctors and physiotherapy did not get me anywhere. I gathered therapists around me with a holistic vision who brought me back to myself. That was a solid starting point of rebuilding my foundation. Physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual. All four cornerstones of life.

They taught me to look for gold in every crisis. Every setback and deep fall should be seen not only as a challenge but above all as an invitation for growth. That – if you are willing to dive into the pain – the pain transforms. It soothes and supports you instead of against you.

It became clear to me: I want to share the personal experience I gained. Since 2009, I have started developing professionally at the best massage and coaching courses at home and abroad. Courses that have all given me wonderful tools to guide people in a holistic way.

My last Mediation and Life Coaching training (2022) gave me exactly the right tools to use my professional and personal experience in conflicts.
In interpersonal conflicts such as a divorce, family quarrel or a painful dismissal. And in case of personal conflicts such as chronic complaints and burn out.

Because here too, it is usually an old pain that stands in the way of a solution in the relationship with the other person or yourself.

And once you see it, you’ll experience the benefits. Beyond powerlessness and frustration.

Does that mean there will never be any more problems in my life?
Well, life still gives me lemons. Only now I know how to squeeze them.

Based on this knowledge, I like to help people like you to get out of a powerless situation and take the helm again. Because everything is solvable, if you are willing to open your eyes in the darkness.

Then you can see yourself again.

And thus put your situation and the other person in a different light.

My job as a mediator, coach and massage therapist is to make these incredibly brave steps as safe and transparent as possible.

So that you can regain control.

And you can move on, lighter than ever before.

With love, Hanna

Logo Hanna Lou

The mediation has brought me so much. You helped me realize that my anger, feeling hurt by the other person, stemmed from how I heard his comments, which translated into my own unhealed pain and sadness.

That offers me the opportunity to heal this and I can listen to the other person and be open to that other person. I could share my hurt and see the other person's vulnerability. With your help, I wrote an apology letter and the air was cleared.
With deep gratitude, Anna


Hanna’s energy and guidance have turned my life around. With her combination of bodywork and transformational conflict therapy, I was able to finally get to the core of invisible behavioural patterns that were getting me further and further away from the life I wanted.
This new and lasting lens I now have on the world has helped me build and maintain a new relationship, as well as managing work and friendships in new and effortless ways.

There is a new lightness in my life I have only thought was possible for other people.
I have learned to stop fighting on so many levels and things in my life have started to flow with this new awareness.

Hanna is clever and caring, and genuinely wants the best for others. I am so lucky to have had these sessions with her and would recommend to everyone.

SamTransformative conflict resolution & massage

The 90 minutes session we had together reinforced heart-oriented messages and tools that are being set before me. I came away with greater inner peace and the reminder to live from my heart and to embrace joy, wonder, and play.
Walking home after the rain, I felt more receptive, engaged, and compassionate towards myself and towards others.

Hanna is a gifted coach and healer, and I am grateful to have benefited from your wisdom, intuition and heart. It’s like I have a new pair of boots to take me back to the US and further along my path.

JohnCoaching & Massage

If you want the ultimate holistic massage, definitely go to Hanna!
Soulful music, wonderful essentials, a beautiful space. But above all: Hanna and her warm presence, hands and voice. With her extensive repertoire of massage techniques and coaching skills, she brings me beyond my own judgments and resilience, at home in my own body. Hanna is golden!

EefkeHolistic massage

What an insightful and useful process were these three sessions!
Hanna creates a safe space in which she, full of empathy, quickly gets to the core of the pain from which conflicts can arise.
With a loving hand and humor she challenges you to open up, to go deep and to take confrontational steps. Steps that really resolve the negative charge of a disturbed relationship. I literally felt a weight lifted off my shoulders! It is a great journey for people who experience conflict, want to explore this and are not afraid to be vulnerable in it.

BerryTransformative conflict resolution

I have been coming to Hanna regularly for massage therapy for a long time.
The combination of conversation and massage is great.
In the conversations I experience an “unconditional positive regard” and she often helps me to see things in a different way. Plus Hanna has a very nice, attentive and loving way of massaging.
My self-confidence and self-image have definitely increased as a result of her session.

HansMassage therapy

When I received a pregnancy massage from Hanna for the first time, I had a busy and quite challenging period. To be honest, I was exhausted. I decided visit her regularly during the 9 months.

Her massages brought me the much needed relaxation. It was such a soothing and calming experience. It brought me into a deeper contact with the miracle growing in my belly and also in a deeper connecting with all the wonderful changes of my body. This gave me back my energy.

ChristinePregnancy massage

Hands down one of the best massages I have ever had: my holistic massage with Hanna was a talking point for days after. I felt relaxed and at ease from the moment I stepped into the room, and the combination of breath work, yoga stretches and deep pressure ensured a real sense of balance and well-being. Hanna is a real delight, I treat myself regularly to a session with her! Highly recommended!

DebraHolistic massage


Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Online: mediation | holistic coaching
On location at Stories, Sarphatistraat 14:  mediation | holistic coaching | massage

Occasionally also evenings and weekend days.

Book your spot here. 

Do you have a question for me?
Please leave your name, email and I will get back to you within 3 days.

To book a session, see my bookings page.

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