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HI wished you in the beginning of 2020 a lot of PAUSE to create a year full of love, light and joy. Little did I know and did we know that we were going to have a global PAUSE. 

Maybe this hit you hard and gave a lot of uncertainty. I hear you. Or maybe it even elevated you, gave a lot of peace of mind. I hear you too. Either way, it was and maybe still is an intense PAUSE.

It’s been quite intense last months for all of us worldwide and it required a lot from your immune system, your nervous system and your mind to stay healthy and in balance. 

For me personally, it was already a time to withdraw. To give birth to a beautiful little lady called Indigo Marlí and to give birth to the mother in me. 

We started, following Ayurvedic tradition, the first 42 days in a lovely cocoon getting to know each other and this new family life without too much distraction. Taking care of my body to recover and to build up strength again. And giving the baby a space and time to connect in a gentle way.  

When we openend our world after these 42 days, the world around us closed due to Covid19. It invited us to stay in this cocoon, enjoying the natural rhythm of feeding, sleeping, playing and nurturing. 

This period of time made me even realise more how important and especially how rare it is to check in and ask yourself questions.Especially when you go through intense times. To get to know how you can ease and relax in the situation. To find the lightness within.

I found it a real help in this intense period of time to question myself. The question that really helped me was:

What is it that I need?

I experienced that my inner wisdom started talking. Rest, do some stretches, play with the baby, go for a little meditation. 

By becoming present with what I need I take full responsibility. 

Taking care of myself so I can take better care of the world around me. 

I wonder, which insights did these last months gave you? 

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