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A training for massage therapists and bodyworkers who want to dive deep into their intuition and co-create an unforgettable experience with fellow therapists. Learn new and unique massage techniques to share at events with friends and your lucky clients! 

Enriching your soul and your massage practice! 

About Four Hands Massage:

A Four Hands Massage is a massage where two people give one person a massage at the same time. The fluidity and connection of those giving the massage can bring those receiving an incredible sensory experience where the brain simply must let go and surrender. This is a magical place to be, often resulting in deep relaxation and healing for both body and mind.

Giving the massage can also be an awesome experience filled with techniques that are only possible with a massage partner. Imagine flowing up your clients back with four hands! Or stretching your clients legs and arms at the same time!  

To co-create a magical massage with another person can bring a deep sense of joy, awareness and inspiration. Working truly from the heart connecting with both the person on the table and the other masseur. 

Whether you are giving or receiving, a four hands massage is something you will never forget!

This Workshop:

On this Four Hands Massage Training day we will come together to explore what principles and techniques can be used and developed when giving a Four Hands Massage. There will be times of learning, exploring and being.

Throughout the day we will exchange with different people giving and receiving as this brings the opportunity to grow, learn and create in different ways.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has a good basic foundation in massage or bodywork. 

About your Facilitators:

Sophie Fagan is a Holistic Massage therapist and teacher with over 12 years experience in both the UK and the Netherlands. She now has busy massage practices in both Amsterdam and Utrecht. 

Hanna Bloemhof is an experienced Holistic Coach and Massage therapist. Started in 2010 with her first massage courses in Thailand, developed into a holistic practice, blending the knowledge and feel of east & west. She is located in Amsterdam. 

Price : € 95,- (lunch and refreshments included)
Location: Nieuwe Kerkstraat 126, Amsterdam
Language: English

We have limited spots (maximum 9).  

For RSVP and questions please reach out: 

Hanna: +31 6 24257156
Sophie: +31 6 27356429