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What’s the first thought that’s crossing your mind?

A big chance it has something to do with a white beach, sandy beach, deep blue sea and palm trees.

And oh, what a lovely place to recharge!

Unfortunately it’s not so easy to get there most of the time. That’s why I made a list to recharge with little things. Ones you can easily implement during the day or during the week to feel more rested and in balance.

  1. Do a check-in moment with your body every hour. Set an alarm for this as a reminder.

    Close your eyes briefly, inhale deeply and exhale deeply through your nose.
    Then scan your body and feel which spot needs the most attention right now.

    Let’s say it’s your neck. Inhale deeply towards your neck and exhale. Are there muscles that you can no longer tense? Can you release even more muscles with the exhale?
    You are guaranteed to go home a lot less stressed and with more energy.
  2. Try a regular sleep schedule for a week.
    That starts at a fixed time for bed and the alarm clock in the morning at the same time. Make sure this allows you to get around 8 hours of sleep.

    Extra tip: set the alarm an hour earlier than normal and go for a sport (outdoor) or take a walk. Having time to yourself in the morning and the peace of mind to start the day your way can make such a difference.
  3. A (short) yoga session can make such a difference to your day.
    15 of 20 minutes of deep breathing, stretching and bringing focus from head to body gives a completely different spin to your day. I love this short Yoga set by Adriene.
  4. Take a nice walk in nature. Nature does not judge, overstimulates you, clears your head and literally gives you air.
    Charged up and you can get through the week again.
  5. A weekend or a day out every month is so essential. Block time in your agenda and invite the right company. Or maybe you want to be on your own? Find a destination that appeals to you and book yourself that outing. Make sure it’s something that will make you wag your tail.