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Yes! The next detox is coming.

A detox that is so much more than just about food.
It’s about challenging yourself to make different choices, choices that support you.
The detox is absolutely not a crash diet, but is mainly about feeding yourself well. So enough food but at set times and with policy. Get up early, cleanse, move and reflect.
It’s about challenging yourself and making different choices. Choices that support you.
And I’ll guide you through this journey.

The only thing it requires of you is a basic knowledge of Dutch as the documents are in Dutch. The group calls can be either in English or Dutch.

Monday 28 August till Thursday 7 september 2023

Are you in?

Grab your calendar.

Block the weekend of 2, 3 and also Monday 4 September because then you are having soups and juices and you want to take it as easy as possible.
And for the rest of the days, you’d like to keep it quiet in the evening so that you can feel last minute if you feel like doing something.

The detox I created is online, so just from home and set up in such a way that it can be easily combined with work and care tasks. We are not at a retreat location with our feet in the water.

And the fact that you do it in the here and now gives so much added value. You learn to make different choices and you will experience what that does to you.

What it looks like, this detox at home?

In 11 days – 5 days reduction, 3 days detox and 3 days build-up – you leave toxic food such as coffee, alcohol, sugar and wheat products and eat completely vegan.

I guide you and your detox buddies. Doing it in a group makes it easier.

You will receive a document full of ideas and tips for dishes, movement and reflection. There are three online sharing circles. Plus daily extra support via WhatsApp.

I will also send you the supplements prior to the detox that will optimally support your body in the detoxification process.

Is it challenging sometimes: yes! Does it get you a lot: hell yes!

Want to take it one step further in cleaning? Then there are premium packages to optimally support your mind and body during this detox.

Detox only 89 euros

Detox + coaching + massage : 269 euros

Detox + 2 x coaching : 289 euros

Detox + 2 x massage : 249 euros

Here’s what others are saying about it:

Tamar: “The detox made me aware of my eating behaviour. I felt lighter and healthier. The guidance was in a friendly, sweet way. A space to be honest, even if things don’t go so well during the detox days.

Aleksandra: “The detox has helped me to look more consciously at my eating pattern, but also the amount of rest and space I take for myself.

The last 3 days were the easiest. The craving for coffee was not there, the liquid days were over (with a feeling of satisfaction) and I felt good energy in my body and mind.”

Eefke: “A detox requires excellent support on both a physical and mental level and Hanna offers that like no other. With a lot of attention and the necessary humor for what was to come: the downs, but luckily also the ups.

I would really recommend the possibility to have a massage from Hanna be a part of it, this deepened the process for me and the new insights I gained regarding my relationship with food. “

Will you join us this time? Click the button and I’ll send you more information.