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What is your first thought? Hmm, that’s not going to happen, darlin’…

I know, i know. But what if you could integrate a little more of this feeling in your daily life? Below are some tips add the holiday juice to your daily life.

Most likely you are – just like me – back in the work rhythm. The days are getting shorter, the sun less bright and warm; you can feel fall coming. And vacation might look like a it’s been a while already.

Every now and then something reminds you of the sacred holidays. You muse about lounging, uninhibitedly exploring, the ocean of time that you seemed to have. Attention. Awareness. Rest. Hanging in a hammock, the sudden eye-opener. The clear mind, open to receive ideas instead of forcing them to come.

“Holidays offers you a daily life where you can let go of the obvious. In a relatively safe environment you, as a tourist, can become as open-minded and open as a child. And it’s right there that the journey of discovery starts. “

What would it be like if we apply this discovering in daily life?

Five tips on how to apply this.

Rediscover your surroundings
Walk or drive the route you take very often while saying to yourself, “Today I want to see something new that I’ve never seen before.” There’s a big chance it’ll work! That hilarious statue in a garden, a beautiful graffiti, or the cheerful face of a neighbor that you had never noticed before.
Also notice how difficult it is to maintain that open-minded, curious attitude… your thoughts want to return to the familiar circle in your head.

Let go of the need to impress
Let go of the need to make an expert, experienced, worldly impression. Ask curious questions and don’t be embarrassed. Just like when you travel, you always get a lot of help and explanation from locals if you ask a simple question, you will also notice that people in your vicinity are happy to help you become wiser.

Consciously plan a few hours a week without a plan
That museum, nature around the corner, or walking into the city without a plan. If you structurally block a few hours a week in your agenda for a small trip in your own environment, you will see that this has an inspiring effect. Be surprised by what it has to offer: work by a painter you didn’t know yet, the beauty of autumn in the park, that one nice restaurant at the waterfront that you suddenly discover. Being a tourist in your own town, how nice!

Meditate to clear your head. In an overflowing mind, nothing new can enter. There is simply no room for it. Create some space in your head by regularly sitting still and focusing your attention on your breathing or on a mantra, or in any other way that suits you.
Silence is a breeding ground for new ideas and discovering new sides of yourself.

Go on a journey of discovery, in your body
Most of us know exactly what we look like from the outside but our inner body is an unknown zone to us. Lie down, make yourself comfortable with a blanket and do a body scan. Pay attention to your body and feel what it feels like to feel. Can you feel the blood flowing? Do you feel your heart beating? The tingling in your fingertips and toes? Are there places in your body where you don’t feel anything? Or sore spots?

Listen carefully. Do these places have something to say to you?

What comes to mind?

You will find that your inner body gives many answers if you take the time to really think about it!