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Being a newborn momma is an interesting yet intense cocktail of being in full demand, overflow of love, sleepless nights, feeling disconnected to daily life and yet so connected to life.

The first months I loved this daily cocktail, just as much as it was sometimes all too much, too overwhelming.

We went regularly to the beach to connect to nature. Just taking in the fresh air and breathe.

These moments made me (more) aware that everything IS and all is just passing through us. Like waves hitting the shore. It all passes. It’s all a phase in life.

When my little cutie pie was crying at night keeping me awake I kept repeating these phrases as a mantra. And in the midst of all I could enjoy, not being worried about the tiredness on the next day or looking back on how I should’ve feed her differently.

This mindful approach was and is so helpful to not take it too damn serious and at the same time being fully connected in the moment.

This is one of the things I am going to share in my workshops and trainings (working on it!).

More to come! I’ll keep you posted on Facebook and Insta.

For now, I offer one-on-one Coaching (online) or Coaching&Massage (studio) if you want to dive into this topic with me.

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